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1. All claims are acknowledged and processed on the day received.

2. We have the ability to act as an extension of your Credit Department. In doing so, we believe: upholding your company's image. an open line of communication between the debtor and your company. contacting each and every debtor to an ultimate conclusion, resulting in more dollars into your company.

3. No claim is Too Large or Too Small for us to handle.

4. We never refer a claim to another agency.

5. No Collection-No Charge. (We base our livelihood on our ability to collect.)

6. Individual files can be accessed in a matter of moments through our computer systems.

7. All correspondence and accounting information is tailored to each and every individual client.

8. Reporting on all flies to suit your needs.

9. Complete collection services, wherever and whatever problems may arise.


The Manager of a Credit Department is responsible for one of the most important assets of his company, namely Accounts Receivable. Collection of A/R represents the operating capital necessary for the company to function. The sooner the receivable collected, the quicker the company has the use of "cash", an important tool in today's inflationary economy.

In many cases, the Credit Manager and his staff have many more accounts than can be handled. They must concentrate on the bigger customers as well as those seriously delinquent. From these accounts there will be those that ultimately do not remit payment. It is this segment of outstanding receivables that prompts the Credit Manager to search for a competent outside collection service. His main objective is to seek an agency that will act as an extension of his own Credit Department. Our company offers just such a collection agency. The highly skilled staff of executives within our operation incorporate many years of experience covering all aspects of the Credit and Collection business. This expertise allows us to render collection services to you and your company in a swift and professional manner with the highest regard for your company's reputation and corporate policies.

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